Oeder Weg: Kleinste Brauerei Frankfurts

It used to be a gas station on Oeder Weg 57 but was metamorphosed into a brewery - Frankfurt's smallest actually. Well, never mind the size.
It's the quality of the brew that matters right? And that is excellent. I went there with my theater director lats nite. He loves beer, and loved the place. Being Frankfurt we were asked to get inside aafter 10 p.m. and leave the beer garden. Real cosy. Later we ended up chatting to some Americans from New York who were checking out my magazine and thought it was really cool. They have been living in the city only for a year so it helped explaining that "Franfurter Allgemeine" was sort of the equivalent to the NYT:) 

"Braustil" offers a variety of Ale, Wheat, etc. Ask for the "Honey Monk" and enjoy!

Oeder Weg 57