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 Gotta spill the beans: I LOVE lemon ice tea. But nothing of that sort of what you are thinking now like your funny little glass here and there. No. I can go thru two bottles of it in one day.
When I was in California last year, you have heard of the Arizona brand, right? Well, forget about the tiny, meagre versions they are acutally selling us here for a horrendous prize.
At the supermarket crossing the Atlantic ocean we are taking "grande". Really huge and delicious. So everytime I am looking at those sad little bottles here I just wanna ....oh well. I got a decent brand for home. 
But choices for hang out places when it comes to ice tea? I can tell you where to go if you like a great location next to the Main. "Oosten" is one of my fave because of their roof top where you can get comfy in a beach chair. Awesome. Just a tiny secret: Don't order the ice tea. It's a sad excuse for one. Unless you are the "Soy Latte" kind of person, then it might be just the thing for you. The menu is fabulous so go for it and enjoy!

Mayfarthstraße 4

60314 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: 069 / 94 94 25 68 14


  1. Those bottles make for such fun vases. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  2. Oh so glad I check this blog for comments as well. Great you found it because I linked up w/ fashion blog and outfit but did not get any message there. Thanks for stopping by. xo Sabina


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