Rainy Days: Main_Walking_Tour

What to do, where to go? On a rainy day? Well, I have been telling you how much we love our skyline ( so here you go:)), the river and its museums and cafés. One of the best things about living in Frankfurt is
that you got everything in one place. You can hang out along the embankment, take a walk along the Main and drop in at one of the many new coffee places. And I really shouldn't be revealing it because it already packed and popular but just an awesome hot spot: Cafe Liebighaus. So enjoy but don't tell anyone else and you didn't hear it from me! 

Blame it on that blue little guide book "Luups Frankfurt 2013". I really don't like recommending guides because they usually give you that same old tourist stuff and thats why I prefer writing my blog and sharing real personal tips with you. But this one is one of a kind: Luups does not only offer you vouchers. It also is beautifully done with local art (paintings, photography) on the left and amazing tips about food, culture and free time. Thats the guide you will need. Follow me on bloglovin!

Städel, Mainufer