#Justsayin: Michelle is No Jackie

The First Lady has been in the White House for a while. i love her idea of putting up that veggie garden, i like her causes and her bizeps:) she has got presence, brains...she seems to have a stunning personality...but there is one thing that she doesn't have overwhelmingly...an outstanding sense of style...i mean...hello? cardigans and skirt to visit the queen...these clothes make her look dowdy...that fifties-style is very feminine, might even be a political necessity like sending a political message ....as in " i am a brave conservative woman but i don't mean business"...but it doesn't fit her powerful presence and figure at all...i loved that dress she wore on the cover of vogue magazine though...Suppose Women in Public is still a difficult subject. 
And how is Daniela Schardt doing? Well not bad for Germany. I emailed her office after seeing this pic and received a beautifully designed letter telling me that "labels are never revealed". And as much as I respect that attitude which is definitely part of her style and I think she is doing a fine job dedicating her time to causes supporting education for poor children, it makes me feel like beauty-starving-country. How hard it must be being a fashion designer and never getting any support. I mean its an industry and their causes are being pushed abroad by every politician. Just fashion is not getting any??? What do you think? Tell me and follow me on bloglovin!