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Hallo zusammen, manchmal freue ich mich einfach, alte Seiten an meiner Stadt neu zu entdecken. Gerade wie einer meiner Lieblingsdichter Ralph Waldo Emerson meinte: Die wahre Reise besteht nicht daran, neue Landschaften zu suchen, sondern neue Blickwinkel zu entwickeln." Und schöne Ecken gibts in Frankfurt ja nun zu Genüge. Und bei euch? Habt ihr kürzlich eure Sichtweise auf etwas oder jemanden geändert? Was war das?

Hello there, you know sometimes I just enjoy riding my bike thru the city and seeing this in a new light. Just like one of my favorite poetes, Ralph Waldo Emerson used to say: The real voyage consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Do you wander around town and look at things differently or have you lately changed your point of view? Follow me on bloglovin!

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  1. I love riding with the Critical Mass group because I get to see sights in Frankfurt that I wouldn't get to see normally.

    If you ever need a riding buddy, let me know! My boyfriend isn't much of a biker so I don't get out on my bike as much as I used to!

  2. Well thnx for asking will definitely keep ist in mind because am going to get a new bike next spring so lets keep in touch! Btw I have a thing for Japan, too:) Love, Sabina


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