Tragens_Wertes: SummerFashionShow: TheShoes

Hi there, diese Schuhe sterben niemals, oder? Und wer hat kein Paar im Schrank stehen? Oder sollte ich eher fragen, wieviele Paare davon habt ihr? Mir gehört nämlich genau: keins. Liegt an den Segelschuhen, die sich dafür beim mir stapeln. 
Its seems like Converse never die, don't you think? Do you own some yourself? How many pairs? Well, me I have got exactly 0. Thats because I love my sailing shoes so much fullfilling every need that might occur in that area:) 
Besides there is a pair of light brown converse that I have been longing for but still haven't been able to get since they seem to be out of stock. Or you are all wearing them;-) Well, anyways, here is my report on SummerFashionShow and the Streetstyle shoe trends I picked up. Follow me om bloglovin!


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