Tragens_Wertes: Mütze des Monats/Hat_Story #1

Hi all, so I am busy working but still trying to find some interesting litte tidbit to post. With summer finally having found its balance, warm during the day, cool at nite, life is just mellow. 
Its also "Stoffel" at Günthersburgpark in Bornheim. An open air theater festival, sort of off braodway, that has been entertaining theater lovers for 10 years now. Its free and people just donate by throwing their bills into the red bucket. For more information about it read yesterdays post down. 

So back to the hat_story: while searching our brains for topics we like to read about my husband came up with this hat fashion idea saying "every hat hides a story": voila the hat_story was born! I am going to try and post a hat_story as regular as possible and you just check out the blog for more hats to come. So now on to my hat's story...oh: And if you have a hat with a story please send it to me to publish here!

So my hat's story: First of all I own more than this one, about four, I suppose but this one is by far my favorite. It's shape makes for a great shadow to hide my face from the sun. And, well its: blue! As you can see for yourself, I got it as a sponsorship giveaway while watching Serena Williams in the semi-finals at the US Open 2011 in Flushing, Queens/NYC at Arthur Ashe. There are all those other hats I got but this is the closest to my heart because of its shape and fit and its sort of a souvenir from one of my favorite cities. 

So send me your hat_story and follow me on bloglovin!


  1. Sieht richtig klasse dein Outfit. Das Käppi ist super!! Habe auch irgendwo noch so ein Dunkelgrünes, muss mal rauskramen und auch anziehen :)

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Liebe Dana, danke für deinen Kommentar! Wenn die Mütze passt, sende mir gern einfach ein Foto und du wirst hier Mütze des Monats:) LG


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