Tragens_Wertes: I_Do_Love_Blue

Jeans: J.Crew; Shirt: Tom Tailor

Hobo: MJ, leggings: Adidas; Ballerinas: Högl

Shirt: Hilfiger, Wrap: 24 Hours; Jeggings: Hilfiger, Belt: Vintage

Dear reader, lately I have noticed that certainly colors dominate my closet: blue, red, gray, purple, black, white, shades of nude. Or I keep coming back to them and when I was reading an article about colors yesterday it got my thinking again about the colors we choose
And with this weather I have been making a point of not wearing too many dark ones to cheer me up. What do you think about colors? Let me know! My inspiration is Blue in a different shades and inspiration which I have posted here for you to read. And of course there when it comes to blue there is never an article without mentioning Yves Klein.:)
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