Tragens_Wertes: FreeStyle #1

Leggings: adidas
Flats: Högl

Hello, just read a quote the other day: "Inspiration is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going." Well, usually I focus much more on improvisation and ideas than on habits but since staring this blog and posting its has occured to me that there are just items I love. Love wearing over and over again, like wearing a uniform. So I get a kick out of finding new accessoires to mix with my favorite basic styles like here. What basics do you love? Follow me on bloglovin!


  1. Servus,
    interessant. Du schreibst, dass Dich die 80er langweilen. Also in den 80ern, in denen ich "jung" war trug man solche Hosen. Nicht nicht zu Ballerinas.
    Es gibt 80er Sachen die ich heute wieder liebe. Und es gibt welche, die ich schon damals schnarchig fand...
    LG Sunny


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