Tragens_Wertes: Color 'n' Tweed: Chanel_Interview with Tilda Swinton

Heya, you know I just got back from Edinburgh and am still so much in love with my purple tartan scarf and all the patterns and capes and skirts that I got to see. So was totally thrilled about Chanel just having released an interview with Scottish model Tilda Swinton.

She talks about the Scottish elements in the Chanel Edinburgh December 2012 collection saying "There is something of the spirit of it" and how much the mix of color with tweet appeals to her. Watch the interview here.

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What I just realized looking at it again is the inspiration of Mary, Queen of Scots and the Tudor elements in it. When Tilda talks of "swords" and "warriors" you can imagine just how much of that Scottish 16th century tradition went into that collection. And so I collected a few style for some cool blue tartan skirt styling, Vivienne Westwood is always a great find for anything tartan. Enjoy and follow me on bloglovin!

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