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Dear reader, if you love Japan just like I do you are in for a special treat: Nippon Film festival on at Naxoshalle with the movie "Tokyo Dyke" next Tues, June 4th an 8 pm. Its a movie reflecting on Lesbians and their life in  Japanese society. But this festival is only the beginning of amazing series of movies all focussing on Frankfurt in June. 

I would not where to start recommending you anything there are just too many: but "Sketches of Frank Gehry" and "Brooklyn am Hauptbahnhof" really stand out for me because its about architecture and the Central Station and its edgy neighborhood. So don't miss it and follow me on bloglovin!

Naxoshalle, Münzgasse, Bockenheim
Nippon Festival June 4-9
Frankfurt June 11 - July 2