Sagens_Wertes: MeNotLike #FashionMagazine PartI

Heya, still on vacation so its bikini time, relaxing at the beach with a magazine to flap thru. Usually. And when this one was first published I really liked it. Still do and their idea of publishing two fashion issues was great and hope it got them lots of ads. Seriously publishers gotta live. We all do.

 But lately I have been noticing the  use of rock chick, slut heroin chic naked girl porn styling which I resent. Yes, I do. There is nothing glamorous about it. Its sort of a yesterday idea and I find discussion about women and rolemodels have been moving on and so its about time magazine and publishers (mostly men) did as well. #sexism #waagnis
And although the bikini seems to be quite cool the model wearing it isnt which has to do with my personal distaste for skeletons and tatoos #uncool. So decided me and Fräulein magazine will need to take a break. Follow me on bloglovin!