Liebens_Wertes: Stars 'n' Stripes #AmericanWeek #HauptwacheFrankfurt

Howdy, actually I am off for the weekend but you know a blogger's never ends:) So just need to share this exciting event #Hauptwache starting as of today with you: And suppose the weather is gonna be my friend so I get to wear one of my favorite tanks! Haven't decided yet though...BBQ, hot dogs, CA wine, total immersion in everything I love about the US

Jazz, Swing. Its an event to commemorate J.F.K's visit to the city 50 yrs ago. See you there and follow me on bloglovin!


  1. Oh toller Tipp. Ich will eh nächste Woche mal auf die Zeil.
    Das muss ich mir unbedingt anschauen. Ich mag American Food.
    Lieben Gruss, Cla


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