Tragens_Wertes: Vintagestore review_Aschenputtel

Dear reader, checking out Vintage stores is one of my favorite. But have you ever walked into a store and felt like you would want to be all that there is? Or at least, leave with a complete new wardrobe? Well, thats what its like at Aschenputtel. When you know Goethestraße, home to labels such as Prada, Chanel, Ferragamo etc you will find items at Aschenputtel as few months later. A woman drove up one day in her mercedes convertible, the owner knew her quite well and I overheard her saying: My housemaid doesn't like these so I figured you would be able to sell these clothes." Voila`. Prices are quite reasonable and there was Prada weekender too dream of for a still outrageous price tag...But its definitely the first place to got to. Follow me on bloglovin!