Tragens_Wertes: ShoeDrama

credits: PeterKaiser

Dear reader, here you see what I wanted when I walked into a store.  just imagine you have found the most beautiful pair of slingbacks. Its like it has been waiting for you. So you ask the shop assistent for your size, I wear a 5,5 which has been the cause for lots of anxiety, but -lo!- its still available in your size. So you pull of your horrible wintersocks and anxiously await your shoe to come, the assistent unpacks it, and to your shock and utter horror its totally different! So my first try online turned out not to be any closer to my dreamt of version:

A flower? Not really. So I returned it. Well, finally this is what I had to settle for but it does fit devinely, its got the coral, animal print AND some shells in different colors. But seriously: do you make out any sort of flower on the model pair? Me neither! It comes with an explaination beautifully printed but thats not helping at all. Since I do not get told how to find the print I want...

So welcome my new slingbacks and lets get ready for summer. We are friends now:

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