Tragens_Wertes: More Colors 'n' Shoes

Coat: Stefanel
Animal print leggings: Adidas
Flats: Hoegl
Shirt: Rich&Royal

Dear reader, I have a thing for color and last weekend I was thinking the spring mood in me needed a kick start. And this red Stefanel

Mainufer, Druckwasserwerke

puffy coat I have had for ages but I just love it and from my recent trip these Högl, the Austrian brand, ballerinas are a souvenir. Actually in my free time thats all I were and you know what, wearing a uniform kind of style and not having to think about it makes life so much easier, don't you think? And no, I am not that tanned,never ever, but just love playing around with pic program. Follow me on bloglovin!