Liebens_Wertes: MmePopulaireReview@Orfeo'sErben

Dear reader, great night out watching just released Mme Populaire. In the 50s the hight of a career for a woman was to become a secretary but what if the only thing to qualify are your two-finger-typing abilities? Well, the WW II veteran and insurance agent and sports champion with surveivor's guilt persuades his no good secretary to participate and train for typing contests. Hilariously choreographed and you just gotta go watch it to see the pink colored machine. And all the romantic rest of course. And try the red Aussie champagne at the restaurant later on!

And a note on costumes: Its all very 50's with wide skirts, ice cream colors and white shoes heavy make-up, short bangs and ponytails. You gotta like that but oh well, the good laughs and the amusement make it all so worth while. Follow me on bloglovin!

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