Liebens Wertes: What are Dreams made of? BlackGowns

Dear reader, you are walking into a store, already the most beautiful clothes left and right are starting to whisper, and there: right in front of it is: short in the front, long in the back all black waiting for you all this time.

As far as material is concerned it's sort of like the Chanel gowns worn by Charlotte Casiraghi at the Ball de la Rose 2013 in Moncao just black and more Victorian style pulled together behind. And you know this dress will just look amazing with you wearing it and then-you wake up: So this is what happened to me when I was at Chanel's in Paris a few years ago. Without the gown I went home but the moment never really went away and then yesterday: there it was: a beauty that could actually replace my dream at FACE store on Börsenstr. Though cut very  differently its still got the same texture and is affordable. Follow me on bloglovin!