Lebens_Wertes: Nacht Der Museen

Dear reader, all museums are opening at nite celebrating art and its exhibitions and you can travel around the city on a tour dropping in here and there. But apart from all the crowded museums the thing you really wanna do is check out galleries Osthafen (tour every 30 min, Lindleystr. 14.), the industrial neighborhood thats facing a huge make over due to the ECB location. 

Antagon, an international theater group will be performing on the rooftop of HFM looking back at the harbor's history and its present in impressive artistic scenes. "Im Labyrinth" and finally you wanna discover KulturBunker Schmickstraße 18, a historic site, formerly a protection during the war, now lofts for artists. Or do you prefer being in the center of trends? Then Offenbach Hafen 2 is the thing for you. (Nordring 129). 

Whatever you do you I am pretty sure the night will be over before you will have had the chance to check out all that there is to see. Follow me on bloglovin!

For more information: nacht-der-museen.de/frankfurt