Tragens_Wertes: FashionWeeksCritic

Dear reader, aren't you always excited to learn about new trends, new inspiration for your wardrobe? So although cannot be at any of the shows I love putting together my personal collection of hits and misses. Here goes: 

Total miss: Celine wants me to wear a shopping bag? Kitchen towel? I am a total fan of Scotland and love blue tartan, but this? 

Sort of miss: Split loyalties in my heart due to Chanel love. But I just don't want to dress like a KL clown and think he's catering a bit to much to Japanese/Asian market. ($ hrs later update: I have been having 2nd thoughts about judgement cause the blue coat is fabulous. I think shape would fit a female body really well and set if off nicely. But rest still stands.) Also have no intention whatsoever to fly into space anytime soon. So will not be needing that, thank you very much! Read more Chanel here.

Hm nice....Galliano really hit the jackpot this time. Shape contrast: The shape and color of coat and its unusal mix w/belt, mix of clear stern lines w/ bell-shape makes for an interesting, eye-catching effect. And so does the "society lady has decorating her apartment style". Clashing of elements I would call it.

Total hit: Haider Ackermann make me feel like I wanna put that one and there will be no doubt of me just feeling awesome style liked that. Oversized shirt with a femine, cool twist.

So hit for Louis Vuitton a brand most of the time too traditional for my kind of taste but the effortless boheme inspired coat and the 70s length dress make me just put it on and do something naughty!

So No for Alexander McQueen: I love England and I can totally see why all my british friends are going crazy over Sarah Burton who also designed Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress. But I totally abhore any kind of veil, face cover for woman. Thats an absolute No Go for me. I very much like the costum's cut, its length as well as cut out and mix of patterns. But that's about it.

Miss for Valentino as well. Yikes! Who really needs to be reminded of how difficult peeing used to be in the 70s when we were all wearing red cord overalls. Am I the only one? You need to half way!
Love the color though! Should be a hit in Europe because so much more flattering to most of us in Northern and Middle Europe.  

For some designer brands check out Peek und Cloppenburg top floor on Zeil. Brands are edgier than on Goethestraße! Follow me on bloglovin!

photo credits: Harper's Bazar