Sehens_Wertes: HydeParkonHudson

Dear reader, English speaking movies you can find them all over the city. If you are looking for one without any commercials and a great international program go to Sachsenhausen, Harmonie. This is where I went to watch Hyde Park on Hudson, the story apparently based on the letters and diaries of FDR's mistress. Or should I say one of his many mistresses? Anyhow. Just like in the movie there is really seriously nothing interesting or fascinating to learn about the private life of that former President. Bill Murray is at his worst. They did not manage to catch my attention one bit, never conveying any feelings. The other part of the story is where it gets interesting: The brother of Edward VIII, who abdicated and married Wallis Simpson, so King George and Elizabeth are visiting the US. All are terribly exited because for the first time a King comes to visit the former colony. So its not looking good in Europe with  WWII going on etc etc. and the actors playing the royal couple got some magnificent lines and an awesome chemistry. And you just feel for the stammering King and his horror of having to speak publicly and being constantly compared to his dashing, eloquent brother. And then he meets Franklin D. Roosevelt and something happens...Follow me on bloglovin!