Sehens_Wertes: Hitchcock_Review@Lokalbhf

Lokalbahnhof, Sachsenhausen

Dear reader, Alfred Hitchcock is like my most fav director. Ever. I love all his movies including Cary Grant, Gredory Peck and Laurence Olivier. "Don't we all?" my friend said. Yes and thats why Psycho is so opposite to most AH did-and it became the most successful one. Last nite I went to watch "Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho": Its so worth seeing. Just Helen Mirren who makes you forget its her and makes Alma, Hitchcock's overlooked wife, come alive and gives her all the credit she apparently deserves. Even Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson manage to give their female parts a tinge of personality. *ouch* Anthony Hopkins, well he just didn't really manage to make a lasting impression.

And later on, of course we went to Lokalbahnhof, across the theater Harmonie, to discuss movie. Thats a place to hang out but make sure to make a reservation. Food is great (Cesar Salad, Couscous salad, very friendly and accomodating service) They even prepare you a cocktail not on the menu. Just do some warm up for your voice so you will not hurt it while talking. Follow me on bloglovin!