Sagens_Wertes: The Future of Fashion_Blogs_Update

Dear reader, I think what we are seeing right now is the future of fashion journalism in the making what I was posting about last week. A few weeks after Suzy Menkes rant about "The Circus of Fashion" and German fashion bloggers at complaining about bloggers not being allowed at Chanel another online site has picked up topic now refinery 29 asking us to take choose between traditonal editors and modern blogging. Which I totally think is not the right way to put: IMO the only question to ask is: What do you want?

An unreflected presentation of products or professional criticism? Its all legitimate but product presenting bloggers should not be regarded as having anything to do with fashion

journalism. More like a catalog made by stylistsAnd just like in communication when you pick the media most important to your cause/product blogs should be treated likewise: a fashion magazine is always closer to the runway than a daily newspaper. So any serious blogs thats got a professional critical approach from a journalists point of view. You may ask where does that start? Well, that will be up for discussion What do you think? Let me know and follow me on bloglovin!