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Dear reader, I luuuvvvv Champagne as you can tell from checkin other posts. Just the rpice is a real downer. But behold here is the kicker: I have found Charles Bach, a brand available at supermarkets (Rewe, Bornheim Heidestr., Inheidner Str.) for about 12€ which has gotten great reviews and when I first opened today you know I was not really expecting much. But it just totally took my by surprise. I looked at it, took another sip just could not believe it. So for some other persepctives I did some online research and found to more source, bartender (private) and Bild Zeitung tasting, comparable to Daily Mail, the Sun, tabloid, handing out a thumbs up. Okay, there have been some critics saying the cheap ones cannot over consistent quality. On the other hand last year I got a bottle at a local gas station (!) in Champagne driving back from Paris for about 20 €. It was as excellent as this one here. Keeping that in mind this year is a good one so take your mother and treat her. And make sure to show her some Champagne styling of mine here. Follow me on bloglovin!

Here is a summary of sommelier tasting Bild: Note that Bach even got off better compared to a more famous and expensive Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin!

Hoppenstedt: Im Vergleich zu einem „Charles Bach“, stimmt das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis nicht. Sauber gemacht, aber nichts Besonderes. (Well done but nothing extraordinary considering price-quality relation)

Den aromatischen Champagner bewerteten die Tester als Preis-Leistungs-Sieger.
Hoppenstedt: Genau die richtige Menge Kohlensäure mit einer kräftigen Nuss-Note am Gaumen.
Tietz: Für rund 13 Euro eine echte Entdeckung. (Quite the find for only 13 €.)
Alkoholgehalt: 12 Prozent
Preis: 12,99 Euro
NOTE: 2+