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credits: Paper-mag.com

credits:Surfer House, PB, 1973, planetmag.com
Dear reader, my fav magazine read right now is an article at paper magazine about creative talent simmering under the So Cal surfers' surface. Whether its music, arts or film making. Which is not really surprising in a world where people rise and shine at the crack of dawn to catch some waves before heading to the office. So why should the artists be any different? One of the many endless spots to surf in San Diego is at PB's Crystal Pier as well as Windansea Beach. For some extensive So Cal reads see my posts here.
And for some surf style trends 2013 you just check out popsugar. I find they have put together some decent ideas;-) Basically all you need are some shorts you love, a bikini top for the day and a t-shirt for off beach walks and some flip flops. Go catch some rays....and follow me on bloglovin!
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