Lebenes_Wertes: Ultimate_Easter_Receipe_Granny's Style

Boots &Booze, Leipziger Straße, Bockenheim

Leipziger Straße, Bockenheim

Dear reader, it may be a teeny bits last minute but you will not regret trying out your own self made Eierlikör (Its not quite the same as eggnog but a bit similar.)
Here goes:

 7 Eigelb (egg yolk)
150 g feiner Zucker (refined sugar)
1/2 Vanilleschote (vanilla bean)
1/2 l Cognac

Eigelb und Zucker schaumig schlagen, das Innere einer halben Vanilleschote sowie allmählich Cognac dazugeben. In Fl. füllen und stehend einige Wochen durchziehen. Göttlich! 

Cafe Eifler: Hasengasse, Berger Straße,etc.:) 

You wanto to mix Yolks and sugars until creamy, add inside of vanilla and cognac gradually. Fill in bottles, let it sit up for a few weekes. Believe me its: devine! And just to try out some Easter treats Frankfurt style go to Cafe Eifler. Its a local chain but incredibly delicious. For some more great and affordable ideas on Champagne see here. Follow me on bloglovin!