Blogparade: #Privatsphäre_Schirn_Kunsthalle

This blog is about the city and my perspective on it. Thats where its got its name from. The city is the center of attention. And I wanted to share the beauty of it with people all around the world. Of course, its about me and my tastes first of all my interest in fashion which also is the center of attention, not me wearing certain clothes all the time and nothing but. With this I would feel that to be a) way too narcisstic and b) too intrusive. 

Why blogging?
So when I first started blogging I did not even comment on any of the pictures I took from objects and people around me. I like to share my thoughts and motivation with readers/viewers. I also enjoy writing and making magazines, the editing as much as the layouting part being a professional publicist. Of course,  I want to promote my content and share my daily life so people can identify and profit. You may call me very extremely old fashioned but I am a huge fan of the late Hajo Friedrichs, one of the best TV journalists IMO. And he said Journalism is about being at the show, without being part of it. (Dabeisein Ohne Dazuzugehören.) 

Do's and Dont's
So everytime I post I ask myself what is there to be gained from reading my blog and am I entertaining readers? Do: put yourself in your readers shoes. Don't forget to think about their interests and don't bore them. And I really do hope you are enjoying yourself immensly and find some inspiration everytime you come here!