Dear reader, a few night ago while waiting for the subway -and its important to tell you about weather conditions  in this lovely winter: Zero degrees C during the day, the temperatures like to drop below at night- so you want to be stylish but warm, right? My idea of warm style:

Goethestraße, Frankfurt

But hey it takes all kinds: So there on the platform was this one woman who you just had to notice because of her stylish outfit: fake fur trendy jacket, think Alex Gologanoff, black top, tight wrapped up jeans. An outfit that screams: put on high heels! Nothing shows it off any better. But you know its winter, keep that in mind. So, that lady had actually decided she wanted to give it her best that day and was wearing stilettos!

credits: men' 

Okay you may be thinking so what? Its trendy to put on stockings. But no she went barefoot, no stocking, no pantyhose, nada. I could not help but stare but since she was on across my tracks it wasn't possible for me to approach her. And I liked the discussion on paperblog about the same issue. Luckily, while I was still starring another lady entered the stage with a leopard skin coat and black overknees.

I just liked that so much better:) Any winter styles you have come across that simple blew your mind because of there boldness or any other reason? Please let me know and follow me on bloglovin!