Lesens_Wertes: FashionTalks_KL

Dear reader, a former employee at Karl Lagerfeld is telling his story here. And he is starting with his passion and longing to become part of that Lagerfeld universe, how he gets a job as an intern and finally finds  badly paid employment at the company of his dreams in the metier of his dreams: fashion.

Which is clearly an industry to make a profit. After reading this there is no doubt about it: as Anna Wintour doesn't tire of ...there is nothing shallow about a multi-million dollar business with investors in the background expecting a return on their investment! 
So Armand climbs up the ladder, telling of fashion show preparations, of getting their revenge over catty superiors. And you just sympathize with him and the receptionist, when they are digging the  yesterdays coffee filter out of the garbage, re-using it for fear of getting fired. While foloowing him thru all the entertaining anecdotes what clearly keeps us hooked is the question: So whats He like?
The story flows like water due to his diary style, so you can just read and its easy to pick up where you left off. PS: Working at Lagerfeld must not have been much different to the place where the Devil apparently where Prada. Follow me on bloglovin!