Lebens_Wertes: Yoga Gadgets I

Dear reader, there are books to read and candles to burn and scents to smell. I love candles, so whenever there is only the slightest chance of lighting one, it will get lit. (Lesson1) Yoga is about awareness, about whats going on inside of us and around us and learning to seperate both.

In the past I used to spend tons of money on all these pretty little things hoping to find some sort of truth or rescue in there. You can guess what happend right? Did not work. And it took me a while to realize it. But the stuff always got as stale and ended up being ignored like most of the other things I bought. Because they did not really make me do the things that matters the most: sitting down, taking the time to practice my asanas and meditate. 

When I was training for my yoga diploma I really did not appreciate the mix of money and emotions: Yoga is a business. And as your teacher, as much as I may like my students, I am going to want their money. We are not friends or family or lovers. So for me speaking of love in the training gave me the creeps. Since here is the limit where it may start to get weird: We all want to be loved and feel good. And of course I know my students look up to me for guidance and information. And before you know it in our happiness we have bought this tea and that salt and those candles. 

I am totally aware of the fact that many people may find that offensive or may resent that. Its the way I feel about it where emotions, the soul, psychology and money are involved. There is a lot of leverage for manipulation: As grown ups it is important to act responsibly and take good care of yourself. At the end of the day thats another Yoga lesson to learn: to take good care of ourselves: (Lesson2) Follow me on bloglovin!

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