Lebens_Wertes: Testing_BeeVenomMask

Dear reader, I am not much of a beauty product person. As long as that inexpensive lotion does the trick I am unwilling to fund beauty industry with my heard earned pennies unless it would mean buying shares. But here is a thing I have ordered online and which I really have started to like. Its supposedly the new Botox just without any needles:
* the feel of it, the way it smells ( it reminds me a bit of baby products which I always quite nice) and it does not leave any oilyness on my skin. 
* I have been using it for a little over a week so cannot really say more. But I haven't regretted buying it so far. Its quite pricey though and here is a report by the BBC saying Bee sting could cause allergies and is not really known for any anti-ageing effects. (: Follow me on bloglovin!