Lebens_Wertes: Kleinmarkthalle_FoodStyle

Dear reader, the world within the City: Frankfurt likes to think of itself as the smallest metropolis in the world which is quite true: just thinking of my classes there can be students from 13 different nations sitting in front of me. 700,00 living in an area of 248,3 square kilometers. (NYX 782, London 1,570) On a Sunday it takes you about 20 min to go from east to west by bike---and I am a snail. Well, people love living in this city because of its high standard of living and for a variety of reasons. Allright.
But if you start asking we usually agree on two things to love: the embankment with its skyline view and- the Kleinmarkthalle. Located in the city center with its unique busy atmosphere that only a market creates there you will find international spices as well as high quality food. 

credits: all photos wikipedia.de

So if you wanna see what the city is like you wanna go here and enjoy some wine on the first floor after having done the grocery shopping. Follow me on bloglovin!