Lebens_Wertes: DoingYoga

So you have been contemplating trying  yoga or wondering what the fuss is about? You have read articles in newspapers telling you about the hype of yoga, those weird people talking about flying and bringing peace to the world thru their thoughts and inner cleansing? You don't want anyone to tell you about love and God and happiness? But all that's out there is plain hard to sort out? Like Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini Yoga etc. 
And just think of those poses (asanas)! Aren't they awfully hard to learn? And you most certainly gonna end up looking like fool or worse the most unfit person ever? Well, these may be your ideas and thoughts. And it might even come from experience.

What I am going to tell you here about Yoga has been developing into my idea and my experience since when I first started it more than 15 years ago. You will hear about my experience of finding a teacher, changing teachers, my training to become a Yoga teacher, my personal attitude towards Yoga and you can be sure that I do not refrain from criticism and be frank about stuff I did not appreciate. But its absolutely a statement of my subjective point of view which I am explicitely poiting out here once again!
However, my account does not have anything to do with articles saying Yoga is not helpful but causes injuries. Without any explaination that statement is plainly wrong. And here on my blog I am going to give you the reasons and I welcome your questions very much. Please email me!

Starting with equipment:

1. your comfortable yoga mat. The sheep wool type does it for me. 

2. your cotton belt and meditation cushion

3. comfortable sweat pants, shirt, socks, jacket. Thats it! How stylish you want to show up, in yoga designs is totally your choice. And like any kind of sports there are different people prefering different style and fancyness but there is absolutely no need for anything. Remember: It's a business. Which is definitely a statement you are going to hear repeatedly. So no meditation cushion. But if it makes you happy by all means. As long as we don't think the act of buying yoga stuff is going to get us anywhere closer to what we are looking for. Believe me: I have been there:) (Lesson 6): We still need to make an effort and take the time to practice.  Disclaimer: I don't have any affiliation with any of these products or sellers. 

Coming Up Next: Finding the right teacher/institute/yoga philosophy.
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