Doing Yoga: How to find the right teacher

Dear reader, a friend of mine went to a yoga beginners class recently because we had been talking about it and I had been raving about its benefits. After a few classes when I inquired about her experience she did not look happy. In fact, she was miserable. "Yoga is not for me", she sighed and was ready to quitt.
When I first started yoga more than 15 years ago I loved my beginners teacher. Then she left and another teacher took over the course. And I have learnt the most important lesson and have been incredibly greatful for the experience back then: I was loving yoga because the teaching style and the personality of my first instructor had fitted my needs! There surely wasn't anything wrong with the other trainer. 
And ever since then I have had the chance to meet all sorts of different colleagues and teachers. 
They all come in different colors and everyone got his/her style. (Lesson 5): So if you do not like the lesson, do not give up on yoga. Its also not about a "bad" teacher, I would certainly not go that far and consider it a bit too disrespectful. Just keep looking for the teacher that's right for you according to your needs. Which is exactly what I told my friend to do: and - it worked!