Doing Yoga: How to Start I

Dear reader, does this dialog sound familiar to you? "Yoga? Me? I would love to try it but it's sure way too complicated for me." Well, let's see. If you wanted to learn a foreign language you would not expect yourself to be able to do the same as an advanced learner could, right? I mean, we usually we wish we could. But that's a different story....So, of course the asanas we have in mind are not for a beginner to accomplish and here comes (Lesson 3): 
Go enroll in a class, accept your current level meaning accept yourself, let go of standards outside of yourself and stopp comparing yourself to your fellow yogis! Wow, here is something to digest...What no more comparing???? Btw: There are great asanas to practice letting go! (Lesson 4): Asanas are only the physical means to train our body and mind.

But let's just think for a minute: we are aiming very high and setting ourselves up for failure if we are accepting the yoga standard of another person as our own. We are all different and why is someone elses pose better than ours? But....that's not yoga I hear some of you pointing out and I am just the kind of person who likes things to be perfect and either I do things right or not do it at all..... Well, I beg to differ. As long as you are following your teacher's instructions to practice a pose (asana), connect with your breathing, if you are asking are doing yoga. So, go enroll in a class!

How to start: Think about how often you want to go to a class. What time would fit your schedule? Be realistic! There is no help in trying to squeeze a class into your schedule, you hustling to class with no breath dropping onto your yoga mat late. -> Pick a class that you can reach on time. 
How often do you need to practice? As a beginner just be sure to attend your class regularly. Its the time you are taking off for yourself and make a point of regular attendance.
Of course a free trial in a beginners class once is understood and can be expected. For example at the institute I am doing yoga beginners can do a workshop at the weekend which can be very benificial or there are come-as-you-please groups during the week. Follow me on bloglovin!