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Fashion detail @Goyagoya Stiftstraße

Jacket: Blonde no. 8, Skirt: Liu Li; store right next to Parkhaus Börsenstraße, 

Vintage store, Brückenstraße, next to the British Bookshop
Dear reader, last nite while it was snowing I was on my trend hunting tour checking out stores to report back here: so my favorite combination is the jacket/skirt with a price tag under 600 € in total...but when you go to that store beware- shop assistents tend to be on the aggressive side giving you all sorts of unwanted advice. e.g. I have a vey good judgement when it comes to choosing clothes. In case I don't like it I returend it the next day. Of course, there is stuff in my closet unworn but only because the style does not really fit into my everyday style not because of an unfitting size etc. However at this store I bought a pinkish pair of ballerinas in a wrong size and let myself be talked into buying them by the shop assistent. Never-never-land since then. Follow me on bloglovin!