Sehens_Wertes: Suits_Back

Dear reader, ever since watching Suits last summer it is definitely my favorite newcommer series. And apart from the funny dialogs, the bantering, the rivalery between virile (sic!) Harvey, main character, and the jealous Louis, its definitely the way power player Harvey, or the actor Gabriel Macht, wears those Tom Ford suits, that got me hooked. 

credits: youtubevideo: MsSilversphinx

Its the projected image of New York City, aggressive and tough. Needless to say that Harvey wouldn't be himself without his secretary Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and his mentor Jessica (Gina Torres) by his side? But that's a different story....and a different post talking about the female styling in Suits...And although there is no Tom Ford store yet in Frankfurt I wonder why? Frankfurt is full of men wearing suits. But style wise its still a long way to go...Anyhoozle, there are quite a few tailors such as Stephan Görner on Gärtnerweg and he shared the video about the designer. 

Watch Tom Ford work

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