Liebens_Wertes: How_to_Stir_It: Feuerzangenbowle (Bargepole Punch)

4 bootles of dry redwine, 
Rum (54%), 
2 lemons unrefined,
oranges unrefined, 
4 cinnamon clove, 
3 cinnamon sticks, 
1 sugar loafs

Without further ado wash fruit under hot water, cut in small pieces, dispose of pulp since we are only going to need the peel. Take courage and put wine in pot adding sticks and cloves. Let it heat but be aware of any boiling! Now its getting even more exciting and thats what you will need that special equipemt for: Having placed sugar loaf on bargepole on top of pot, pour rum over it and then- light it. Make sure you will have added rest of rum using a ladle to the brew before flame has died. Keep the fire burning by gradually dripping rum over sugar. Once you have accomplished that task just relax and enjoy watching the sugar trickling into the pot. When thru just take out sticks and cloves and the punch is ready to go! Bottoms Up! Follow me on bloglovin!