Lebens_Wertes: RestaurantTest_SpanishStyle_MyZeil

Dear reader, my friend and I wanted to hang out a laid back place, have a snack and a few drinks. So on the top floor at MyZeil mall we picked this Spanish one called Comedor. Well, they got water in beautiful bottles, its all appealingly decorated which gives the place just the right flair. You are sort of sitting on benches so when its full it could get crowded. Their choices of wine are acceptable, my friend liked it. I ordered their gambas with garlic and cheese which was an interesting and delicious choice. 

My friend opted for the so called summer salad with gambas. When she had finished the sea food all that was basically left in her bowl was a supermarket lettuce arrangement drained in olive oil. And it was way to expensive. Also each of us got one slice of bread. The service did not check on us and did not react when we mentioned the sad lettuce. So although ambience is agreeable because of the high costs for mid level food I would not go there again! Follow me on bloglovin!