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Dear reader, my favorite posts are the ones where I get to mix my first home (FFM) with the second one (US): And after the Obama election there is some more good news coming up. As an actress in film and theater it's been only natural for me to sit there eagerly anticipating that special moment at the Oscar's with the envelope being opened and the "Oscar goes to"-opening line. 

credits: Deutsches Filminstitut

Opening lines that the Filminstitut has chosen for its upcoming exhibition. "And the Oscar® goes to ... — 85 Jahre Bester Film" is the first show ever about the award ceremony Oscar®- it offers enumerous background information about the Academy Award as well as exhibits to almost 500 movies that have been nominated as "Best movie" since the academy's founding. 

credits: Deutsches Filminstitut
Attention Oscar Statue inside: At  Frankfurt Airport exhibits were delivered in special boxes amongst other things 10 Original Oscars won by stars such as Bette Davis und Clark Gable and famous directors like Billy Wilder und John Huston.”

ExtraFreude für Filmfans:  Eine Schau mit Gewinnerfilmen der Kategorie "Bester Film" zeigt im November und Dezember wertvolle, herausragend restaurierte Kopien bedeutender Oscar®-Filme. Die Ausstellung steht unter der Schirmherrschaft des Botschafters der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika Philip D. Murphy.

14.11.12 bis 28.04.2013
Mon closed
Tues 10 – 6 
Wed 10 – 8 

Thur – Son 10 – 6

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