Lebens_Wertes: RomneyLikes_my_DelMar

Powerhouse Community Center and Del Mar Beach.

Dear reader, was really surprised to find out that Mitt Romney went back to his house in La Jolla after having lost the election. His campaign was quite weird and in my opinion he kept changing his position but being gov of Massachussetts he could not really have been a less than moderate Republican. Just think "Health Insurance". On twitter the Union Tribune San Diego reported. Romney and his wife drove up Torrey Pines to Del Mar for some pizza at the local shopping mall right across the ocean. Its like Königstein with an ocean and in CA:) Thus surfer dudes, health freaks, spiritual healers, etc. 

        1555 Camino Del Mar
It used to be the hangout for people like Bing Crosby and such. And although the neighborhood is posh the plaza is just down to earth, nothing extraordinary. A place where my roommate and me would go for Margas at the Mexican resto because it was just right around the corner from our house. But being from Europe why would I want to go to an Italian place, right? 
credits: delmarplaza.com; Powerhouse: delmar.ca.us