Was mir heute gefällt: iHollaback_NYC

So, today I like a website to empower women called "ihollaback". It has spread to other places such as London, Israel, Australia, Toronto and enables women to talk about experience with sexual harrassment on the street. And since in Germany there are sites in Berlin, Dresden, Düsseldorf but not in Frankfurt yet I would like to talk about about sexism on the web: Came across a website where the (male) editor was ranting about angry, mad feminist without any sense of humor. Such an original and unique statement has been quite unheard of, right? In another post which is all about sex but actually closer to porn the same editor ask readers to send requests to female (!) bloggers they want to see naked. Well, thats sexual harrassment for me. Or, hey, why are you so uptight? Its just fun and business. Yes, and so is prostitution.

Next argument is: "It was meant as a compliment" making it sound like I have to like something which make me feel uncomfortable and which I consider an unfair attack on my professionalism. Well, let me tell you: first of all its none of your business and 2. of all just because you have internalized sexist attitudes doesn't mean I have to live with it. And to quote Lady Grantham from Downton Abbey "So put that in your pike and smoke it".

Emma/Netter Sexismus