Tragens_Wertes: Shoe_ Budget, reasonable, exclusive hip

Desigual, Goertz

Innenstadt: Goertz has relaunched their concept thus its more hip and pricey (to your left) with brands such as Boss, LaMartina or LKBennett. There is an accessoire section which is okay. They are offering trends and brands such as Hilfiger and Converse. Whatever you need for everyday life flats, boots, you name it-its there. Staff is usually friendly and helpful but the best thing is the cafeteria with its white leather lounge sofas to lie on facing the all glas window front to the street. So you may not faint everytime you go there but every now and then it might suprise you (like recall the boots I talked about yesterday?) and its your best bet.

There is another one on Goethestraße next to Cafe Nespresso Lindas Schuhsalon. I had been ignoring it when I look at it a little closer. Italian brands, muy elegante and cool, fair price.
Goethe 7
Goethe 26-28