Essens_Wertes: The Mexican Dilemma in NYC

@Grand Central Terminal Dining Concourse

Dear reader, having lived in CA I know my standards regarding Mexican food are not easy to satisfy but before I traveled to NYC my sources seemed to be reliable and knowledgeable. Ha! Little did I know: The only decent mexican down-to-earth-no-frills-but delicious place I found is a place at Grand Central station. Who would have guessed? The other recommendation turned out to be plain awful. I mean, of course putting beans and onions and bell pepper inside of a tortilla, you can called that  burrito. But if you have tried other stuff its just not very heartwarming. One venue even got a NYTimes review and I am wondering if the reporter had ever tried Mex food anywhere else? Or if he/she was just proud to report the San Fran flair? You know all things biodegraded, recycling of trash etc. All worth praising but still, no-good-cuisine. *sigh*
So about Zocalo: Nachos crunchy and fine. Mashed beans (!), guacamole spicy but not over the top. 

Zocalo, Grand Central St. 42 nd St.
Dos Toros, 137, 4th Ave