DoDo Juwelery_4 Lovers of SeaCharms

Dear reader, fighting jetlag what better way than to go window shopping on my first day in NYC. And wandering along Madison Ave this Dodo store caught my eye. It sells charms and only seems to focus on Sea motive such as dolphins, octopus, seastars, etc. The objects of the italian brand Pomellato each carry a message of love or friendship, or as states on its website..."A gram of gold containing the philosophy of Dodo, the Italian jewelry brand known for its animal-inspired pendants. A Dodo pendant speaks for us. It expresses love, friendship, affection and sympathy. Each little animal has its own message and through that message everyone can share something about themselves, their emotions and feelings. Each Dodo pendant’s distinct convex, soft round shape is controlled and finished by skilled goldsmiths. "Hug me tight" says the tender Octopus: a message asking for affection and closeness, snuggling and protection. To give as a gift or collect, because Dodo doesn’t like being alone and is always on the lookout for new friends. So they are selling it with a charming marketing story.
I haven't decided on which one to wish for but I guess I will go for the octopus.

  • Butterfly – I love freedom
  • Penguin – Crazy in love
  • Octopus – Hug me tight
  • Panther – I am proud of you
  • Starfish – I am fragile