Dear reader, I decided to start a new column: from now on I will be asking my friends on what they love doing in Frankfurt and share my finds with you!

1. 700,000...for the first time in its history Frankfurt has that many inhabitants. 

2. Klaa Paris...yes, of course a self-respecting and self-confident medival city only picks nicknames from the top:)

3. Mainufer...no further comments necessary.

4. Schweizer Straße, Wallstraße und Brückenstraße, Sachsenhausen; Berger Straße, Bornheim. Stiftsraße, Innenstadt. Well, yes Sachsenhausen has got three cool ones but we have got a veeeerrrrrryyy looooooooong one. (Yes, ours is the longest:) Plz excuse the cheesy joke.) Isn't that just amazing when you think of it? A metropolis where its main trendy places are not to be found downtown. Life is really hoppin whereever you go.