Tragens_Wertes: Marc Jacobs_Hobo_Bag

Dear reader, Marc Jacob posted this style pic and I felt I had to share it for its that a good way to describe it? I guess so.. the hobo bag comes in different colors and is called "Too Hot To Handle". There are a few on ebay e.g. this one...

So let me see I got the boots, the coat, now there's just the bag left;-) In Frankfurt label shopping mostly for tourists you will find on Goethestraße in the city center...quite boring and shop assisents tend to be on the snooty side in contrast to customer service at Chanel in Paris. 
So you really wanna enjoy shopping you treat yourself to an afternoon at Frankfurt Airport. In the past couple of years its turned into an exciting shopping boulevard with all sorts of designer labels in very short distance. for Marc Jacobs and more go to:
Burresi White & Black
Flughafen Frankfurt Main
Terminal 1, Halle B, Ebene 2, Shopping Boulevard
60549 Frankfurt am Main