Testens_Wertes: Body_Scrubs_Lemon

by: L'Occitane

                                                                    by: sabonnyc.org

Dear reader, there is scent, perfume, smell, a whiff, a  light breeze...a scent accompanying you all day has to fit your personality, same applies to the product. So a body scrub that has literally stood the test of time is Sabon's. I got this in NYC where I just loved the whole atmosphere. You enter and its dim lights reflects the copper sink looking like a roman well.
 So with this little helper you heap on the oily, salty, lemony mix and rub your hands gently, then rinse it all off using warm water. Its incredible. There is nothing oily left behind but it gives your skin that smooze baby soft texture. It comes in all kinds of scents. Next thing on my list is L'Occitane's body lotion, lemon scent of course.