Sehens_Wertes: SoCal_Pools_Book

Daniell Cornell: „Backyard Oasis“.The Swimming Pool in Southern California. Photography 1945-1982. Prestel Verlag, München 2012. 256 S., geb., 50,70 Euro.

Dear reader, a coffeetable book about pools in Southern California is always nice. I remember the pool my guest parents invited me to. Next to their bungalow three blocks away from the beach in La Jolla. Being European it made me wonder why anyone in the world would need an extra pool just on its own with the Pacific right around the corner: Well, welcome to the life of So Cal. A few days later I was in for another surprise. You go to college and your happy to have your own place. I shared my apartment with three others which was kinda cool and felt really luxurious. In addition to that the luxury was San Diego itself. There is this typical  a daily weather report on the radio that goes like this..."another sunny in day in Southern California..." You can just go for a swim anytime of year. I got a tan in January swimming in the pool. So water is all around and you just gotta have a pool. End of story.