Redens_Wertes: Blogs'n'Art'n'Koons'n'Schirn

Dear reader, I have been telling you about the innovative approach Kunsthalle Schirn is taking regarding their communcation about art. So bloggers from all over Germany were invited to discuss the interaction between blogging and cultural institutions at "MEET UP.TWEET UP. KOONS UP" in Frankfurt. Award-winning blogger Matthias Planitzer (Castor&Pollux) said" Blogs have become an important medium of information, they're interactive, fast." A definite plus for museums, galleries and an incentive to exchange information with blogs more often.
Mercedes Bunz, talked about how bloggers feel bad when they don't post regularly. According to her, bloggers are usually connected to art but this self-induce pressure for accomplishment reflects how art itself has changed. Art used to be free of the need to succeed. As if they wanted to proof Bunz right participants were busy taking photos or twitterting their impressions during the press conference.

 Tweet Up during press conference.

The way up

Koons to come.
 Bloggers at Liebighaus, get together afterwards.

 My blog bag: camera, water, folder, press kit, Koons katalog.

About blogs. Do you agree?

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